Yearly Board Meeting and Retreat!

"I know the plans I have for you..." Jeremiah 29:11

2019 Board Members.jpg

Our staff and Board of Directors met together in August to strategize, recap, imagine and inspire. We got to know each other better, bonded in common mission, and established roles and responsibilities for the coming year! We set and prioritized strategic goals for the Board members and assigned committees, approved the budget for 2020, engaged in a workshop under the care of Megan Carvajal from Mission Capital, voted on policies, and gained clarity on fundraising. We had naps and hikes and cooking together. We met our incoming first ever TCL intern Marianne Garvey. We told our stories and listened intently, learning to love and appreciate our histories and paths. We wound up our weekend by praying together in worship and communion led by Carrie.

We are also excited to announce our 2 local incoming board members and their roles:

Rev. Trey Haddon has accepted the role of Board Chair.
Andrea Ballard Carroll has accepted the role of Fundraising Chair.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to these new team members!

As we wrapped up our work, Carrie invited everyone present to prayerfully reflect on key questions. Here are some responses!

What are your prayers and hopes for our board team?
"more and more possibilities; a slingshot of momentum;
cohesion and drive; a tangible togetherness;
seek and recognize God's provision; ownership & agency"

Where are you with your role in TCL?
"Inspired, encouraged; energized;
joyful and excited; confident and hopeful"

How is God moving through TCL?
"Building bridges across social divides; finding meaning and understanding in our differences; meaningfulness and connection is being created and discovered;
pioneering, innovative + healing spaces for discipleship"

2019 Board Dialogue.jpg

The BOD participated with the TCL dialoguers in a discussion on the topic of "Violence and Pacifism" prior to the retreat, joining long-time, online, and brand new attendees!

The Church Lab is strong and growing. We look forward to amazing work in the coming year!

"And you shall be called repairers of the breach..."
Isaiah 58:12b