Exploring innovative paths to spiritual growth.


The Church Lab is a Christian community that acts as a laboratory of faith.


This lab is full of partners with which to explore deeply-rooted faith in Christ, as well as how to best put this faith into action. Worship, spiritual formation and education happen here in a participatory, experimental fashion.

Risky? Laboratories always are.  

Good thing there are lab partners. 


The Church Lab is powered by generosity.



I love TCL because I believe that we are called by God to be in relationship with people, even our enemies. Dialogue is a place where my “others” become friends, where my walls are broken down.
— Sarah K.
Dialogue allows me to be in an environment that feels safe and non-judgmental. It is a space where everyone involved can express differing ideologies and learn from one another.
— Joanna D.
In this laboratory we get to learn how God is making all things new in our context of 2016 in Austin, with millennials, burn-outs, the non-religious, and seekers who will not darken the door of an institution—but will show up to be with friends in a living room—to ask vulnerable questions they have about faith.
— Rev. Carrie Graham, TCL Founder