exploring innovative paths

to spiritual maturity,

helping the Church find her future.


The Church Lab is a Christian team

-paired with an interfaith community- 

that acts as a laboratory of modern faith.



There are many spiritual needs in this era - including expressions of faith in worship and mission - that are less visible. As traditional religion, but not spirituality, become less popular, folks are looking for a faith life in a way that is often hard to recognize or pinpoint. 

This lab is here to creatively meet less visible spiritual needs.

We are also committed to mission that meets the people's needs that  may be less visible. (Check out some of our mission pages!)

This lab is comprised of partners with which to explore deeply-rooted faith in Christ, as well as how to best put this faith into action. Spiritual formation, education and worship happen here in a participatory, experimental fashion.

Risky? Laboratories always are.  

Good thing there are lab partners. 

Among our experiments, we have found that our members grow most meaningfully by being a part of our ongoing interreligious dialogue small group. As such, our central community is our interfaith community. We represent many faith traditions! We prioritize inviting both people on the right and the left, of deep institutional conviction or none at all, to grow by doing the meaningful spiritual work of becoming friends.

At the end of the day, TCL is here to meet unmet spiritual needs as the American religious landscape changes. The Church Lab exists to help practitioners of any or no religious affiliation - and at times Christian leaders specifically - to help the Church discover her future.


The Church Lab is powered by generosity.



I love TCL because I believe that we are called by God to be in relationship with people, even our enemies. Dialogue is a place where my “others” become friends, where my walls are broken down.
— Sarah K.
Dialogue allows me to be in an environment that feels safe and non-judgmental. It is a space where everyone involved can express differing ideologies and learn from one another.
— Joanna D.
In this laboratory we get to learn how God is making all things new in our context of 2016 in Austin, with millennials, burn-outs, the non-religious, and seekers who will not darken the door of an institution—but will show up to be with friends in a living room—to ask vulnerable questions they have about faith.
— Rev. Carrie Graham, TCL Founder