TCL's Team is Growing: Announcing Pam Jarvis!

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Pam Jarvis is joining The Church Lab's team as our first assistant!

We are thrilled to have her on board!

Pam is preparing to graduate with a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary next month (May 2018). She is an Episcopalian intellectual and artist who joins our team with a passion for learning how nontraditional ministry works.

She will be working with Carrie to both help the administrative tasks of the community run smoothly, and as a mentee learning the ropes of The Church Lab.

Pam is well qualified both by her education and her disposition to offer not only assistance, but to share her gifts in leadership with her signature kindness, wisdom and laughter. We are grateful to benefit from Pam's gifts, and to get to offer her a home to find new tools in our Lab for her vocational toolbox. Thanks be to God that we get to walk with her as she begins her life of vocational ministry!

We wholeheartedly welcome Pam to our community!!