Building Peace in the Face of Hatred: Fight Isolation.

TCL condemns acts of homegrown terrorism, as is the case with the violent white supremacist acts of this weekend (August 12-14, 2017).

We recognize that oftentimes folks don't commit to ideologies first, but rather find connection, purpose and belonging in a community that may or may not ultimately have love of neighbor at heart. America has a vacuum of isolation and loneliness that threatens to grow. But there are communities like TCL that invite folks to find a positive purpose, a sense of belonging as you are, an encouragement to learn to love in discomfort -not fear- and a celebration of thoughtful spiritual depth that may or may not be shared by friends in the community. May God help us and other groups to build up powerful communities that do the hard work of practicing love that drives out fear, to invite connection where our culture may seem to be driving wedges between us in so many ways. Join us to make friends in a small interfaith dialogue group. Or just to talk to someone safe about how to navigate this divisive era. Email