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Advent Conspiracy

 Need a little hope in humanity this season?

Celebrate the joyous momentum of being cheerful givers together!

Join in on The Church Lab’s Annual Advent Conspiracy Event!

Sun, Dec 18, 2016 / 2:30-4:30pm in The Church Lab living room

For questions or deets: 


What is The Church Lab’s Advent Conspiracy Event?

This event is an opportunity to hear and, as applies, share stories of life changing local and global causes. At this event, we- as we are able- bring money and/or volunteer time to offer. We create a giving “snowball” to make one big dent toward one local and one global cause, which we vote on after hearing about amazing organizations that are making the world a better place.*** 

We are looking for people who are ready and passionate to share stories about their favorite causes! See below for the very simple submission parameters. That said, many will come without a story and want to join in on the giving and listening. We hope to see you there regardless!

This year we have exciting news! The Church Lab is giving a jumpstart to the snowball with a $1,000 total pledge as our STARTING POINT this year. Woot!  That’s $500 to a local cause and $500 to a global cause.

Who Can Join In?

*Please RSVP to by Thurs, Dec 15, to join in! 

Any TCL dialoguer (one-time or “regular”), TCL donor, or friends and family of those bunches are very invited to join us! This includes online guests, who are equally welcome to join in, share, vote, donate, etc! Please be aware that the Church Lab is a diverse (right and left alike), interreligious community.

Youngins’ are welcome! In fact, any youth or children present will join Pastor Carrie in the final vote, and they are the tie breakers and “final” judges!

What To Bring:

  • Snacks to share (if you’re not an online guest)! TCL has plates, utensils, napkins, cups, tea and hot chocolate options covered.
  • Mandatory: Listening ears!
  • Not required but encouraged: Generously bring money or available 2017 time or resources to pool as a donation that together makes a good dent toward a cause! There is no amount too small! Seriously!

Story Sharers!

Here’s what you do in addition to the things above:

  • If you’re sharing a story for your cause, it’s simple! Do the following:
  • Please submit the following no later than 8am on Thurs, Dec 15:  Send a 1-3 paragraph description of your cause and why you are compelled to share about it. Please make it double-spaced at 12pt font, with no more than one page’s worth of copy, and no less than a ¼ of a page. Please indicate at the top if it’s local or global. We will have to cap the amount of stories shared, so bring your A-game with your submission! We will let you know ahead of time if we are expecting to hear your story.
  • Please no later than Fri, Dec 16: provide to the same e-mail address any images or online info you’d like to be chromecast while you talk about your cause at the event. You do not have to provide anything like this if it doesn’t fit with the story you’re sharing about your cause.
  • Prepare a passionate, informative 5 minute presentation about your cause and go for it at the event on Sun, Dec 18!! Leave another 3-4 minutes max for q&a. Presentations will be timed so as to guarantee equal time for all story sharers.

***Note- Nobody has to donate to the snowball, or at all. If you hear about a cause you like and we do not vote to snowball it this year, we still think it’s great if you donate to that cause! In fact, we’ll provide info for you to donate money or time to all causes discussed at the event, for when you’re ready.

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