10:00 AM10:00

TCL Facilitator's Basic Training

Join us for a special day of training for facilitator’s training, for those that want to sharpen skills as facilitators or learn the basics. Tuition is subsidized and the format is a small group setting where we can contextualize learning goals for the day, participate in rich discussion and experiment with some hands on facilitation work. We recommend that you’ve attended a few TCL dialogues before coming, but contact us anyway if you’d like to come! Above all, we want to empower folks to hold bridge building conversations! Contact carrie@thechurchlab.org for more info.

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6:30 PM18:30

Dialogue: Art and My Religion

This is our kickoff event for 2019!!

How has art made a different in your spiritual life? Bring a movie clip, an art print, a song refrain that is profound to you, and please share it with us! We will dialogue about how art affects our inner spiritual lives and our interfaith relationships.

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2:00 PM14:00

Advent Conspiracy Remix!

TCL is committed to generosity for local and global causes we all care about, across our traditions. Advent Conspiracy invites people near and far, dialoguers and donors alike, to bring loved ones and talk about a cause that has deeply impacted their life this year. 

Bring donations and snacks, and we will pool our gifts to give to 1 local and 1 global cause. We will encourage folks to get involved with volunteer opportunities related to causes we share about, regardless of who we donate monetary resources to on this day.

Come share your stories and help us be generous with resources amongst our TCL community!

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6:30 PM18:30

Dialogue: JOY!!!?!

We're getting ready for American Thanksgiving. Let's talk about what JOY means to us in our belief systems, in our lives. What is joy, and what is it not? A feeling, a discipline, a luxury, a necessity? Can it happen at all times?

We may round out our session with an update on our summer gratitude exercise, as the group wishes.

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