Leadership Development

The Church Lab digs into risky experiments and learns big lessons from them!

This helps us grow as a community, and it also helps equip us to share with others what we're learning. 

We come alongside each other to glean lessons from our experiments in the following ways.

Join us!


Christian Discipleship

For Christians in TCL's community, we offer a small biweekly gathering for Christian discipleship. We find our dialogue community can healthily sharpen the specificities and roots of our faith, so we get together and talk about how we're growing into a deeper relationship with God from a Christian perspective. We reflect on how our reflections intersect with daily decisions and behaviors. Our weekly question is "...and where is God in all this?!"

Many folks who participate in TCL's community have their own worshipping communities, whether Christian or not. Some claim TCL as their primary church family. Discipleship is a particularly great place to be if TCL is both your primary interfaith and Christian family.

We'd love to hear from you if you want to learn more!


Trainings & Workshops


We are beginning to offer training in facilitation of dialogues or difficult conversations, along with an upcoming variety of workshops on vital topics for church systems and other organizations.

Check our Events page to find out what is being offered next!

If you would like for TCL to offer a particular type of workshop, even for your community exclusively, please contact us!


Consulting & Incubators

It can be difficult for institutions to be as nimble as necessary for the risks it takes to foster a more thriving community. Your established system may benefit from help in conducting experiments that can develop your future. How? Partnering with The Church Lab might be a great way to go. 

TCL is a) equipped at its core to experiment and effectively share resulting lessons gleaned and b) prioritizes faithfulness and integrity as part of the discernment process toward an organization's future.

If you would like to consider The Church Lab as a consulting teammate to help find your church's future, or to have some serious fun incubating what we do with your church family or organizational system, please click on "contact us to learn more" and tell us about you!